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Have I missed something here? Annual-income limit for payment of base rate: Note: Income limits are indicative only, please contact us for a more accurate assessment based on your circumstances. If you are the secondary earner and your partner earns $150 000 or less, you can still get some Family Tax Benefit Part B if your income is below: $25 623 a year, if your youngest child is under five years of age, or Does my family tax benefit payment part A still continue or have I reached the threshold. It is just unfortunate that my employer paid me late.... on To claim for the FTB A Supplement Payment of $726.35 per child that you refer to, do you need to submit a different claim or do you just put in one online claim for FTB A and then let them decide which one you are eligible for? We only pay you the base rate of FTB Part A once you reach the income limit. 10:40 AM. Payment of the supplement is dependent on an individual and/or their partner lodging a tax return (if required) or informing Centrelink they are not required to lodge a tax return. Powered by WordPress. Your child’s residency and immunisation requirements. It’s important to note that you will need to update your details if you do start to earn over this amount to avoid an overpayment. Please let me know! The amount of supplement payable may vary depending on family income or circumstances. My previous FY income … Family Tax Benefit is a family assistant payment for carers of young children. Last year we applied with a similar income and got nothing. Special arrangements may apply to lower income earners in a couple returning to work for the first time after the birth of a child, or when an eligible child enters their care. We call this the Maintenance Income Free Area. To apply for an extension, please call us on the Child Support general enquiries line. The amount paid to the carer is based on family circumstances, residency status and income. and other Household Assistance Package handouts? My income for this year is estimated to be $9x,xxx. The statement “Income limits are higher if you’re eligible for Rent Assistance” is not all that helpful because no where can I find what those limits are. $19 929 a year, if your youngest child is 5–18 years of age. The following table outlines the income tests that apply to different individual's circumstances. These are the maximum amounts of Family Tax Benefit Part B you can get per family. Secondary earners can earn up to $5037 each year before it affects the rate of Family Tax Benefit Part B. If there is anything that makes it difficult for you or your partner to apply for child support from the other parent, or you or your partner are unsure of what to do, you should contact us to discuss the situation. We have a combined taxable income for 2012 of $88,668 and 2 children aged 10 & 12. The ATI is calculated as follows for Centrelink Gross income – Allowable deductions + Total net investment losses + Reportable fringe benefits + Target foreign income + Total tax free pensions and benefits + Reportable superannuation contributions.

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