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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation—a charitable company limited by guarantee, with its registered office at Cannon Place, 78 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6AF. font-size: 2rem; line-height: 1.6; $( 'div.email_optin .form_check' ).removeAttr( 'checked' ); In 2018 alone, 177,904 scientific procedures were performed on rats in Great Britain. They will stop eating as much and look bored or nervous. No wonder they manage to make their way into our toilets. padding: 12px 0; Despite this, some facts about rats are quite intriguing, as they are fascinating and intelligent creatures. They can bond so strongly with humans that if they’re given to someone else, they may pine for their former companion – and, in some cases, may even die. Rats are highly social animals that form complex social groups with other rats, and that will tend to be lonely and bored if housed alone. They spend several hours a day grooming themselves and their companions. }); All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. You can help protect these social and sensitive animals by never buying products that were tested on animals and by signing these urgent petitions to help stop thousands of rats and other animals from being used in cruel experiments each year: If you think you’re ready to give a rat a loving, permanent home, make sure that you’re sure! It means they have close knit bonds and sophisticated brains, just like other intelligent mammals. text-align: left; When happy, rats have been observed to chatter or grind their teeth. They smile with their ears. They also can’t pant like dogs do to cool themselves down. .pma-content-shortcode .pma-casl-check { All of these rats are individually protected and worshipped. Many people in the UK call  the over-sized rodents we get in cities like London, the “super rat”. Rats love having a good time. That’s more washing than cats do! VIDEO: ‘Don’t Fence Me In’ – a Life in Lockdown, Captive Hares Released as Cruel Hare Coursing Paused, Denmark to Kill up to 17 Million Minks Over Coronavirus Mutation Concerns. An adult rat can squeeze into your home through a hole as small as the size of a quarter. Rats can distinguish between blue and green but red appears dark to them. When they’re stressed, they grind their teeth. The first on our list of interesting facts about rats is that they can laugh. Each litter will contain around ten pups as an average. Rats appear to dream about exploring, but they can experience nightmares, too. The tail works so well for balance that it makes rats excellent climbers! 4. pma_ajax_url = ''; Rats deserve our respect, compassion, and protection. newspaper archive. The second on our list of rat facts is they have been known to hold their breath for some length of time. 5 fun facts about rats April 4th is World Rat Day and there are lots of reasons why rats have a day just for them. Rats have excellent memories. If you were born in the year of the rat (1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020) then you’re seen to have the traits of a rat. See our customer reviews on CheckATrade... We use cookies, for essential functionality and to track visits to our website: In some countries, rats are religiously revered; The largest rat is around 9 pounds in weight; The pathogens rats carry can cause serious diseases: Rats can have a new litter every 3 weeks. It is considered unparliamentary language for an MP to call a colleague a rat. Actually, their teeth can grow to up to 5 inches every year. PMA_SUBSCRIPTION_FORM.init( 'pma-subscription-form-widget15203864' ); And if you’ve ever thought about having one as a pet, check out our post on why they make really good ones! These rodents can be around 9 pounds in weight and measure over 20 inches in body length. In the Hindu culture there is a goddess who reveres rats. Rats, rather ingeniously, use their tail to control their entire body temperature. .pma-template-default .pma-casl-check { Rats are very clever and have super good memories. It’s believed that if a rat loses a friend or is alone too long, it will show signs that it is sad. A rat can survive being flushed down the toilet and might even get back into the same building by swimming back in the same way! 2. However, there are a lot of different species around the world that come in all shapes and sizes. They can also be trained to tell visible light from ultraviolet. You can change the way we communicate with you at any time you wish, including to reduce the number of letters we send you or to opt out of all our communications. We have a 24 hour emergency rat control team serving all major London boroughs. Rats like to live in communities alongside each other. The Big Apple was second, followed by Washington, D.C. (make your own politician-rat joke). +44 (0) 20 7923 6242 (fax). Did you know that rats can distinguish between some colours, but not others? 1. They’re very clean. .donation_widget .submit-button { text-align: center;} However, there are actually rats that are much bigger in some parts of the world. Many people in the UK call the over-sized rodents we get in cities like London, the “super rat”. When rats are happy and in a social environment, they emit a chirping noise that is quite high pitched. United Kingdom In the account of the same story by the Brothers Grimm the date is given as June 26, 1284. Current subscribers: you'll continue to receive e-mails unless you explicitly opt out here. They’re altruistic – they’ll save another rat from suffering even if they don’t know the other animal and even if it means having to share food. 8. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. .pma-donation-shortcode .input-other-amount { display: inline; width: 33px; height: 24px; } PETA New York City might have pizza rat, but Chicago tops the list of the most rat-infested U.S. cities, according to a 2016 list compiled by Orkin. In 2005 Spanish researchers showed that rats can be trained to distinguish spoken Japanese from spoken Dutch. © 2018. Many people realise they have a rodent control problem because of gnaw marks on hard wooden or plastic furniture. They’re loyal. Rats have feelings, too! If they’re in a good mood, they even giggle. This is their version of our human laughter. Chewing on things helps to keep them down. Sign up for e-mails from PETA UK including: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – Foundation, 10 Fascinating Facts About Foxes (With Photos). .pma-content-shortcode h4 { Did you know that rats can giggle and sing? Where possible, we set traps and bait stations that cause the least harm and distress to the animals as possible. font-size: 1rem; The Animals Who Suffer When Fireworks Go Off, PHOTOS: PETA Demands Eli Lilly Ban Cruel Near-Drowning Test, 7 Ways to Have a FANGtastic Vegan Halloween. Sometimes for three minutes or more. Get in touch with Empire today to receive prevention advice and to arrange rat control or property proofing. jQuery(document).ready( function($) { Many people keep rats as a pet, but for the majority of Londoners they are often our least favourite rodent. This includes devastating epidemics like the black plague and monkey pox. The most famous rat-catcher in Victorian England was Jack Black who not only caught rats but bred them as pets or for rat-baiting contests. Rats use their tails to help them keep their balance, to communicate and to keep their bodies at the right temperature. 5. Globally, London and Paris also have a well-documented problem with rats. Because their tail is so big, they can expand the blood vessels in their tail to release heat and cool themselves down. Mr. Orlando is here to tell you some wild facts about these super social rodents. And although they're great swimmers and like being in water, rats can actually survive longer than a camel without having a drink of water. They can recognise other rats and humans they’ve seen before. Rats clean themselves so much that they are said to be cleaner than dogs and cats! They like to be around other rats and even humans if they are raised as a pet.

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