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Dec 11 1437 - Astheim, Volkach, Unterfranken, Bayern, Germany, Michael von Seinsheim, Marketa Z Z Rózmberka, Michael i von Seinsheim von Schwarzenberg, Margaret von Rosenberg. We Have More About This Ancestor! Media related to Erkinger I. von Seinsheim, Freiherr von Schwarzenberg at Wikimedia Commons, Erkinger I. von Seinsheim, Freiherr von Schwarzenberg. von Schwarzenberg (-1499) and Margareta von Hutten (-1503) and died 1518 of unspecified causes. In the 1670s, they established their primary seat in Bohemia. ...rg, Margareta von Seinsheim, Agnes von Seinsheim, Count Heinrich of Seinsheim, Count Hermann of Seinsheim, Kunigunde von Schwarzenberg, C... Michael i van Seinsheim Heer van Astberg, Agnes van Bickenbach, ...g, Johan i Vrijheer van Schwarzenberg, Kunegonde van Seinsheim, Margaretha van Seinsheim, Sigismund Vrijheer van Schwarzenberg-Hohenlandsber, Stephansberg, Unterfranken, Bavaria, Germany, German: Erkinger von Seinsheim, I, 1° Freiherr zu Schwarzenberg (10 agosto 1429), Hermann "der Streitbare" zu Schwarzenberg, Erkinger I Von Zu Schwarzenberg ; Freiherr Seinsheim, Erkinger I van Seinsheim Heer van Schwarzenberg,, In 1599 the Until 1918 their primary residence was in Český Krumlov, Bohemia (now in the Czech Republic). The second line was established with Prince Karl Philipp of Schwarzenberg at Orlík, Murau and Vienna. The nobleman had acquired Schwarzenberg Castle near Scheinfeld from the Lords of Vestenberg, Abenberg and debt holder Würzburg prince-bishopric. At this time, they also possessed some fiefdoms in Bohemia. Fürst zu Schwarzenberg (Second Majorat), Herzog von Krummau (12/10/1937 Prague, Bohemia - ) politician, leader of Top 09 party, current [ Minister of Foreign Affairs] who took office as Foreign Minister in July 2010, and also occupied the position from 2007-09... Geni requires JavaScript! Create your free account now to see all the information we have about this person. The Astheim Charterhouse became a burial place for the family beginning with Anna. A branch of the Seinsheim family (genealogy, the non-Schwarzenberg portion died out in 1958) was created when Erkinger I of Seinsheim acquired the Franconian barony of Schwarzenberg, the castle Schwarzenberg and the title Baron of Schwarzenberg, in 1405–21. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Birth • 0 Sources. After his father's death on July 30, 1399, Erkinger took over the possessions. The elder line died out in the male line in 1965 with Heinrich Schwarzenberg, the 11th Prince of Schwarzenberg. From 1416 he had the title of Imperial Councilor. Erkinger Eramus von Schwarzenber. Erkinger is considered the progenitor of the later Franconian-Bohemian Princes of Schwarzenberg. A branch of the Seinsheim family (the non-Schwarzenberg portion died out in 1958) was created when Erkinger of Seinsheim acquired the Franconian territory of Schwarzenberg and the castle of Schwarzenberg in Scheinfeld during the early part of the 15th century. Erkinger I von Seinsheim, Baron of Schwarzenberg[1] (also Erkinger VI von Seinsheim; born 1362 in Stephansberg (Kleinlangheim); died December 11, 1437; buried in Astheim Charterhouse) was the chief hunter of the Prince-Bishopric of Würzburg. He was raised to the Freiherr and banner lordship in 1429. From 1416 he had the title of Imperial Councilor. von Schwarzenberg was born on an unknown date to Michael III. Sources. von Seinsheim; * 1362 in Stephansberg; 11. Erkinger moved the family home to the mighty Steigerwald fortress and henceforth called himself "Herr zu (Lord of) Schwarzenberg". After the death of his wife, Erkinger married Barbara von Abensberg. Brother of Anna Von Seinsheim,, Erkinger I von Schwarzenberg, -cr Freiherr 10.8.1429, *1362, +11.12.1437; 1m: Anna von Bibra (+4.3.1418); 2m: Barbara von Abensberg (+2.11.1448), Also known as Seinsheim, Erkinger I von zu Schwarzenberg ; Freiherr. Ab 1416 trug er den Titel eines Kaiserlichen Rates. In 1399 he bought the village of Astheim by Volkach, in 1406 he became the chief hunter of the Prince-Bishopric of Würzburg. All Schwarzenbergs descend from Erkinger and his two wives, Anna von Bibra (died 1418) and Barbara von Abensberg (died 1448). First he married Anna von Bibra (daughter of Dietrich von Bibra and his first wife, Engel),[7] who died on March 4, 1418. On June 2, 1409, Erkinger and his first wife Anna von Bibra transferred the village of Astheim to the Carthusian order as an endowment. Husband of Anna von Bibra and Barbara von Abensberg Erkinger I van Seinsheim Heer van Schwarzenberg was born in the year 1362, son of Michael I van Seinsheim Heer van Astberg and Agnes van Bickenbach. Photos. 0. Er wurde 1429 in den Frei- und Bannerherrenstand erhoben. 1385-1437. Seckendorff had handed it over to the bailiff Lamprecht. Freiherr zu Schwarzenberg, I; Erkinger Freiherr von Schwarzenberg; Friedrich Freiherr von Schwarzenberg; Ulrich Freiherr von Schwarzenberg; Jobst Freiherr von Schwarzenberg; Anna von Schwarzenberg and Count Erasmus von Seinsheim « less

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