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The concept of Eastern philosophy originated mostly from regions of China (based on Chinese philosophy) and dealt with a descriptive method of understanding life. The idea of conflict was emphasised here. In contras, Western philosophy has a set of theories of reasoning (like syllogism and deductive reasoning), which can form people’s decisive mind habit. Western philosophy was born out of ancient Greek philosophy and was adopted by the Europeans and Americans. to the Atman. Each part has a different value. The Eastern philosophy takes on a holistic standpoint and views every part of an individual as a whole and equals. The Atman is the nearest The following is a collection of the most used terms in this article on Eastern and Western Philosophy. In the ancient period, both Eastern and Western philosophers played the role of policy maker. Because the understanding from a single side is always partial, the purpose of this paper is to illustrate the major differences between the focus and methodology of Eastern and Western philosophy traditions and explain the possible causes behind it. As Windelband (1956) cites homer “The natural link of the three great continents was this sea, with its islands and coasts occupied by the most gifted of people, which from the earliest historical times had settled all its coasts.” As a result, most Western countries are highly commercialized and industrialized. Eastern philosophy followed more of a holistic viewpoint, whereas Western philosophy followed the idea of viewing every part of an individual as a separate entity or fragment. When it comes to philosophy, Eastern philosophers take an individual inner world as starting point and put the principles of social life at the first place while Westerners will speculate on it from a universal perspective and try to figure out the principles behind the world. In contrast, Western philosophy has been viewed by many as having an argumentative nature and mostly gives way to conflict. Eastern vs Western Philosophy. The difference between Eastern and Western philosophy is that the former is based around the belief of “unity” and was born out of Chinese philosophy. There is no doubt that the similarities between them are obvious, yet the focus of Eastern philosophy is in society whereas Western’s is in universe. Eastern philosophy has instilled the belief of collectivism and living in harmony, while Western philosophy puts forward the idea of practising self-preservation and making decisions that benefit oneself. Western philosophy is centred around the idea of “Individualism” and making decisions that would benefit oneself instead of the whole community. Here, the human body and mindset have been divided into fragments or separate entities. Both the Eastern and Western philosophies have greatly influenced the various cultures and people in today’s world. Western philosophy also revolved the idea of treating every part of one’s body as a separate fragment instead as a whole.

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