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She then moves toward the frozen bounty hunter and begins charging her arm cannon. The episode was dedicated to the memory of Monty Oum, who Ben stated was his inspiration for Death Battle and also the work by Torrian. Boomstick: Samus carries the powerful Arm Cannon as her primary weapon and she's found quite a few upgrades for it over the years. You may be looking for the remastered version of Boba Fett VS Samus Aran. It explodes, causing a massive explosion. Due to being the first Death Battle, it has many grammatical errors. (*Cues: Star Wars Episode IV - Imperial Attack*). As it is about to hit, Samus vaults over a part of the building, narrowly dodging the rocket as it explodes, destroying the very object she used. His suit having withstood the blast, Fett sees Samus and fires a missile at her. (*Cues: The Battle of Hoth (Part 1) - Star Wars Episode V*). Boomstick: An accomplishment so manly, it instantly kick-started his puberty. She can also set it to blast an ice beam, grapple beam, and tons of seeking and super missiles. From behind comes Slave I, where inside Boba Fett is looking over a virtual screen of his own. In the Remastered episode, it was revealed the original title of the show was "Who would win" and the background was a yard in front of the old Screwattack headquarters with Ben adding Boba and Samus' sprites later (Samus' sprite were also different). Boba quickly gets back onto his feet as Samus herself lands. (*Cues: Star Wars Episode IV - The Death Star/The Stormtroopers*). Fill us in on Fett's heavy weaponry. (*Cues: Super Metroid - Main Theme (Orchestrated)* ). Wiz: Boba Fett is a natural in more ways then one. LOL! Boomstick: Ugh, can we please not talk about that game? Compared to other episodes, Boomstick's voice isn't as distinct and Wizard isn't as calm as he is in later episodes. The two clash with their sabers with neither seeming to have the edge, so Boba prepares his wrist-mounted flame thrower. He could also use a grenade. Did you see that, Wiz? Boomstick: Yeah, because we all know how many times you scare a bird in the parking lot and then it just curls up into a ball and zooms away! However, this scenery used in the fight has yet to be seen or even mentioned since then. Samus specifically modeled her bounty hunter career around anonymity. Not to mention she kept moving, preventing Fett from getting a solid lock on her. Boba Fett, who had parked Slave I, hovers downward with his jetpack with his EE-3 carbine rifle in his hands and lands. He he he... Wiz: As his "father", Jango taught Boba all he knew about his profession, and despite being orphaned at age ten, Boba continued to live the hunter's life, eventually donning his fathers armor and claiming his rightful place as the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. This is the sixth Protagonist VS Antagonist themed episode, after Boba Fett VS Samus Aran, Yoshi VS Riptor, Starscream VS Rainbow Dash, Deadpool VS Deathstroke and Kirby VS Majin Buu, and with the next 15 being Guts VS Nightmare, Iron Man VS Lex Luthor, Joker VS Sweet Tooth, Meta VS Carolina, Hulk VS Doomsday, Metal Sonic VS Zero, Balrog VS TJ Combo, Carnage VS Lucy, Black Widow VS … Samus shoots her Power Beams, that fade out almost instantly, not even reaching her opponent. Boomstick: Holy shit! Wiz: Fear of teethy holes aside, few have survived once he's set his sights on them. Samus has proven time and time again to be one of the deadliest hunters in the galaxy. She gets into a crouched position, charges her paralyzer pistol and fires the ice beam at Fett, who is completely frozen in place by it. Wiz: That's right, Boomstick. Wiz: Thankfully, Samus was rescued by the Chozo, bird-like aliens who raised her to become a warrior. Boomstick: Boba Fett, the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. When you charge it up, it'll blow your face clean off. Not even a fair fight Deadpool destroys Bobba Fett. (*Cues: Title Screen Theme - Metroid: Other M*), Wiz: When she was young, Samus Aran lived with her family on Earth colony K-2L... until one fateful day it was sacked by an army of space pirates led by the vile Ridley, a giant purple space dragon. Wiz: The Arm Cannon can also use an Ice Beam, a Grapple Beam, and a plethora of seeking and super missles. if you bring any stw tech, it beats most of the tech deadpool carries or uses? Samus dodges by stepping to the side and then freezes Fett using her Ice Beam. Samus is about four times smaller than the average vehicle, so there's only about a one in four chance for a direct hit from Fett's rocket. Once Samus reaches Fett, she exits morph ball mode and flip kicks him twice, the second of which Fett appears to have blocked. Fett with quality beskargam cannot be reasonably hurt by Deadpool. The bomb explodes and it takes off a large chunk of Fett's health. Wiz: His gauntlets house a flamethrower with a reach of 5 meters, a fibercord whip, and numerous concussion and stun missiles. So PTSD therapists were in pretty short supply. She fires another beam at Boba, who jumps and flips over to avoid it before firing a missile at her. If this was Deadpool vs Darth Sidious or Starkiller, Deadpool would have got his arse kicked but i think Deadpool wins against boba, even though boba is a gangsta 10 years ago mavfan626 Boomstick: But don't forget Samus Aran. 's first Q&A, when asked, "Will you redo Fett vs Samus because Fett resists cold? Wiz: Fett's micro-energy field managed to minimize the damage he took from the power bomb, but by that point, it was all over. He's fallen into the Sarlacc three times. And the Sarlacc's not exactly running around looking for snacks.

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