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Molecular parentage analyses have been used in reconstructing pedigrees in aquaculture species since the 1990s. Dodds,, K.,; Tate, M.; McEwan,, J.; Crawford., A. PAPA (package for the analysis of parental allocation): a computer program for simulated and real parental allocation. MATERIALS AND METHODS: in a population-based sample of 691 healthy middle-aged Europids we assessed whether Gly482Ser is associated with levels of NEFA when fasting and in response to an oral glucose challenge. CONCLUSIONS/INTERPRETATION: Our observations indicate that NEFA clearance is blunted following a glucose load in carriers of the PPARCG1A Ser482 allele. Reset filters. Click to purchase paper as a non-member or Larger studies are needed, however, to confirm this relation. We therefore examined the effects of these variants on diabetes incidence and response to interventions in the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), in which a lifestyle intervention or metformin treatment was compared with placebo. METHODS: We genotyped the WFS1 SNPs rs10010131, rs752854 and rs734312 (H611R) in 3,548 DPP participants and performed Cox regression analysis using genotype, intervention and their interactions as predictors of diabetes incidence. Vandeputte,, M.,; Mauger,, S.; Dupont‐Nivet., M. From theory to practice: empirical evaluation of the assignment power of marker sets for pedigree analysis in fish breeding. Full phenotypic and genotypic data were available for 3,666 study participants. Borrell,, Y. J.,; Gallego, V.; Garcia‐Fernandez, C.; Mazzeo, I.; Perez, L.; Asturiano, J. F.; Carleos, C. E.; Vazquez, E.; Sanchez,, J. AES Best Papers Awards presented during online Opening Ceremonies highlight top research and advancements in audio engineering, The Audio Engineering Society congratulates this Convention’s recipients of awards signifying exemplary service and dedication to the AES and the industry worldwide, , "Complete Journal: Volume 41 Issue 10,", AES Statement on Racial Injustice in America, Archiving, Restoration and Digital Libraries, Music Production for Emerging Audio Formats, AES Show Fall 2020 Convention Best Papers Awards and Student Competition Winners Announced, AES Show Recognizes Outstanding Service and Contributions to the Industry in Opening Ceremonies Awards Presentations. We tested the hypothesis that the frequency of the minor Ser482 allele at the PPARGC1A locus is lower in World-class Spanish male endurance athletes (cases) [n = 104; mean (SD) age: 26.8 (3.8) yr] than in unfit United Kingdom (UK) Caucasian male controls [n = 100; mean (SD) age: 49.3 (8.1) yr]. That mutant molecules primarily involved in either carbohydrate or lipid metabolism can combine to produce a phenotype of extreme insulin resistance provides a model of interactions among genes that may underlie common human metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes. In these analyses, Ser482 allele frequencies were very similar (36.9% in Spanish vs. 37.5% in UK Caucasians, P = 0.83), suggesting that confounding by genetic stratification is unlikely to explain the association between Gly482Ser genotype and endurance capacity. Johnson,, N. A.,; Rexroad, C. E.; Hallerman, E. M.; Vallejo,, R. L.; Palti., Y. Pedigree information is important in selective breeding programs and hatchery management of aquaculture. Although these agents can bind and activate an orphan nuclear receptor, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARgamma), there is no direct evidence to conclusively implicate this receptor in the regulation of mammalian glucose homeostasis. – Wiley. Using multivariate models, we tested associations between eNOS htSNPs and diabetes (n = 461 and 474 case and control subjects, respectively) and glucose intolerance (two cohorts of n = 706 and 738 U.K. and Spanish Caucasians, respectively), and we tested eNOS x total energy expenditure interactions on glucose intolerance. Furthermore, the problem is no longer restricted to the ageing population, as young adults and children are also being diagnosed with T2D. Recently, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in WFS1 have been reproducibly associated with type 2 diabetes. Estoup,, A.,; Gharbi, K.; SanCristobal, M.; Chevalet, C.; Haffray,, P.; Guyomard., R. Identification and analysis of error types in high‐throughput genotyping. doi: PY - 1993

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