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My affinity for the Burgundy region has much to do with the fact that any restaurant you enter will cover some dish with an Epoisse sauce; steak, chicken, potato, whatever! I was stunned to discover how much is actually produced in the Paris region, and even if some prices are outrageous, it is a great place to buy little gifts and souvernirs from Paris – my overseas friends have become a little bored of macarons and honey from the Opera house (can you can believe it?) If you flat out say NO, I won’t be offended- thought I’d give it a shot. There are two kinds of Brie made in the region which are protected by the AOC certification: Brie de Meaux and the smaller Brie de Melun (above). Suggestions on how to get there??? I’ve always been an avid reader of your blog but reading about Paris makes so much more ‘sense’ now that I’m actually here. This week I watched a television program on the phénomène of locavorism in France. I wonder where one can find farm-made brie in the States? Could have been a Shelburne Farms product—maybe younger in age! When I told them that it meant trying to eat things that were produced within 100 miles/160km of where you live, there was a shocked silence in the room. Rouzaire has been a family owned company for three generations, beginning their journey back in 1938. I’m not one of them. Thanks for the great cheese shots and introducing me to brie noir, which is probably one of the only cheeses that might rightly not be allowed on a plane back to the States, it sounds like… Reply. Reply, Oh god, how could you not be in heaven!!! One of my students had stumbled across the word “locavore” and asked me to explain the term. Thanks for the post, David. I was in heaven. (Sugar does) Reply, I forgot to mention the bourgogne bliss called EPOISSES which should be from the Yum!!! At Jacobsons, we love the Brie de Meaux produced by the Societe de Rouzaire, an independent family fromagerie producing Brie for three generations. On the other hand, apparently the tendency of buying pasteurised – blander – versions of cheese in France goes together with the preference of less crunchy baguettes. “But, madame,” they stammered. Both Brie de Meaux and Brie de Melun are raw milk cheeses, each being aged a minimum of six weeks. I know you don’t like it when people want to meet you when they are in Paris, but, I’m going out on a limb here and asking anyway. Brie de Meaux Description. Reply, would like to visit any public transportation to the area???? Fromagerie Ganot As far as the disappearing French cheeses, I’m afraid the number is probably higher than just two or three a year. I’m going to have to get out of my box and try some of these things. heated and served with good crusty bread….Almost eat the whole thing myself. The farmer’s markets are wonderful there as well. As much as we love la belle France, the unions et al. I usually send out a weekly newsletter highlighting a “Cheese of the Week”, but with your permission will just link to this post instead. Reply. Of ANY sort! I will def pop into Patrick Roger’s for some of those honey chocs. As an incentive, I will bring you a 6 piece box of Gail Ambrosious Truffles- fresh from her shop in Madison. Now do you have some new brie/pastry recipes for us to try please, lol??? It actually was very refreshing to see that these kids were so concerned about and so dedicated to the environment, and sustainable agriculture, and to eating REAL food produced as close as possible to where you are. Brie de Meaux Rouzaire is one of the most popular cheeses at our little shop. Nowadays only 10% of the cheeses in France are made on farms; the other 90% are made in factories and by cheese cooperatives. And it’s one time I don’t mind waiting! With a dense cream cheese-like consistency, accompanied by a touch of fermented dairy taste, I could see why my trusty French cheese guide said Pierre-Robert was “..popular with children.” I’d like to request they add “with adults” to the next edition. I learned more than a few things for my next cheese shopping. To carry the name Brie de Meaux the cheese must be made from raw milk, and in Australia we are only able to buy the pasteurised version. What happens during the six week ripening period is a dewy crust develops with a delicate white mold on the surface. I bought a very, very soft cheese wedge covered with what looked like graham cracker crumbs, but obviously weren’t.

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