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Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Of course, creamy colors of a site hint at its non-masculine nature. Taproot Foundation uses one of the best, most colorful website color schemes out there. You might have seen traffic signals and other warning signs in yellow. Get inspired by this stunning blue design which includes the following features: beautiful fonts, 100% responsive design, animations, video background. These are classy, clean and vintage. Easy to use for any purpose. If you look at most sites, you'll notice how clean they are. The ninja-accountant site really looks great, is the perfect blue. My site is about watch movies online, Ultra flexible template with unlimited possibilities. The website has a simple but very effective design. My favorites are Flywheel and Bay Street Biergarten. For a website dealing in women items, brown or orange are not good options; instead, black, purple, and white will go good. Blue color compliments warm orange colors. The Blue Orange Business Joomla Template is Designed For the 1.5 Joomla Version and its Comes with 2 Columns and White, Blue and Orange Colors. Though I’m not a blue lover but these got me pinned! This website design includes a video background, a selection button very withdrawn in the right down side of the page, a bold design and other captivating features. Thank you! I love all the designs. Light blue color is an excellent addition to create relaxing and pleasant combination of interior colors, spiced up with other color accents that add interest and depth to modern interior design and home decor. Of course, it doesn’t matter where you have applied several muted colors. Most of the banks around the globe use this color in their website design. The lightness of their designs reminds the one of the feather. Look around to see all its features! furnishings and paint color schemes, Terracotta orange colors and matching interior design color schemes. Too much of orange feels too bright, too hot and not restful. Light blue colors create calmer versions of orange color schemes, excellent for bedroom design, kitchens or dining room decorating. This website includes powerful features which will inspire you in your future projects. This website contains useful services for proactive administrator & management of all your financial affairs. :D. Beautiful color scheme of blue, windows 7 is another example for designers to get combination for their websites design layout. This blue website has a very animated and eye-catching design. They still behave as pastel, but create more contrasting effect. Evolutionary theory links blue color with poison, so should be avoided at websites dealing in foodstuff. Hi Chris, This is a fast loading blue WordPress theme with a flexible design. It is the color of corporate America, revealing a sign of confidence. I recommend this template. Absolutely love it and fully recommend! Do not leave the whole task of color selection onto your web designer, give your input, and share your opinion. The fixed menu design, big headings, concise information, organized layout, responsive design, this website includes multiple beautiful features. 15+ Brilliant WordPress Themes for a Pet Care, an Animal Clinic or Veterinarian Center. We try to publish different styles of web design, feels and looks from various places and not only the best websites from the coolest industries. one design company is totally different and creative logo at this time. This website is fully optimized and it will display perfectly, regardless of the screen size. Google, the top search engine, is a white-colored web design. Apart from being trustworthiness, blue color should not be used at food websites. Royal Blue and Orange. We are a web design inspiration gallery. 20 Powerful Dark Websites for Design Inspiration, 35 Radical Red Colored Websites for Design Inspiration, 20 Bright Colorful Websites for Your Inspiration, 24 Beautiful Websites with Vertical Layouts, Pattern Backgrounds: 40 Beautiful Websites to Inspire You, Card Grid Layouts: Showcase of 40 Beautiful Websites, 20 Material Design Menus For Your Inspiration, A Showcase of Beautiful Typography in Web Design, How to Use Gradients in Web Design | 20 Beautiful Examples, Free Mockup Templates to Present Your UI Designs, Mockups to Showcase Your Responsive Web Designs, Graphic Design Portfolio Website Examples, Copyright © We found some serious and fancy keyboards. Especially the sites with a hint of vintage. From stunning looks, appealing colors, smooth navigation, effective call to action, rendering help in moving down the conversion funnel, there is a lot to do. You can follow Iggy on Twitter. You can use a gradient of different shades of blue, a blue textured background, blue typography, or blue icons. When will new? This website includes powerful features which will inspire you in your future projects. The blue font sinks perfectly with the white background. One of the Grunge Simple Blue Orange Business Joomla Themes Template To Download and TTo use On your Business Related Websites or Personal Websites. Peach colors are lighter and versatile, suitable for large and small rooms. All above websites are awesome.I like blue color website it look and feel good. Bootstrap v3.3.4 layout is used for this CSS layout. Blue is well accepted by over 50% of users, universally accepted by both men and women. VERITAS Art Auctioneers - A Leading European Auction House. HOW TO. Thank you for sharing. This responsive design has a professional layout which will look beautiful on any device. That’s not a question about pastel colors in design, that’s a choice of designers who strive to create visually appealing works. Orange and blue color schemes bring popular and modern color combination into interior design, adding warmth and cool details to home decorating in relaxing and beautiful style. Drop down menu, multi-category portfolio... 459 Pizza. There are several ideas behind the usage of a certain color scheme in design: supporting brand identity colors, creating certain tone of a web presence, calling the desired emotions of the viewers. Dog Breeder WordPress Themes Collection. This beautiful blue website includes powerful features which give it a professional look. This blue website offers a 14-day free trial, to test its features and see if it will work for your business. Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs and writing about latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies and more. I think blue is the best color to be used in designing since sites using this color as their main theme does not have bright nor dim visuals, which is very comfortable for eyes. ;). The content is often easy to read. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. It opens correctly in all browsers. Great use of blue in these sites. Operated by Jetimpex Inc. All rights reserved. While picking the best suitable colors for website design, know what the website is dealing in and who the target users are. The clean and fresh characteristics of this color make it a popular choice among web designers, with light cyans being particularly trendy in the modern web design scene. But, some these are gorgeous. Royal blue is all about loyalty, peace and intelligence; combine it with a shade like golden-orange to add that prestigious feel to the atmosphere. The image that simulates a natural effect makes the connection between design and services that are offered. To tell you frankly, I have never liked blue websites as much as I like black. If you are looking for graphic design ideas and inspirations to build your next Orange website or app, you are at the right place. The Ryan Gittings website is really cool. I used the l2 and l1 colors from the blue theme to create this gradient: Example.w3-theme-gradient { color: #000 !important; ... Color Theme Orange: w3-theme-pink.css: Color Theme Pink: w3-theme-purple.css: Color Theme Purple: w3-theme-red.css: Color Theme Red: w3-theme-teal.css: Color Theme Teal : w3-theme-yellow.css: Color Theme Yellow Previous Next COLOR PICKER. Roll down menu makes it simple to access the sub-menus. They are never bold, they look soft and they're easy on the eye. Colors Affect Human Behavior[related_posts]It is quite true that colors affect human behavior, as mentioned above the purchasing decision is greatly based on product colors. Avoid overloading your website with too many colors; it would make the design just fun. Blue and orange interior colors look wonderful together and make modern interior design color schemes that can be enriched with all light and dark neutral colors, from white to gray color, beige and black, and any colors that appear at sunset, like rich blue color shades, green colors, light and deep purple color tones, yellow and red colors, pink and peach, black and brown colors. Adore Church is a fully responsive WordPress template that you can use to create stunning non-profit websites. Blue is a primary color, it is usually associated with concepts and emotions such as depth and professionalism. While picking the best colors for a website design, do consider the right way, products, target audience, and the purpose. Orange colors bring lots of energy and warmth into interior design color schemes, so they need to be used in moderation and in the combination of cool room colors. Amazon has used orange color at its banner of limited offer, showing urgency and making the message noticeable. Download and use it to create your future websites. YOu can add a few colorful accents in your favorite colors to orange and blue color schemes to make it more playful and fun, especially for kids room design and outdoor home decor. The combination of yellow, blue and kelly green work together to explain the different facets of the group that helps nonprofits. Your IP: Try our Filter tool. This made our day. These days, when uncluttered designs like Scandinavian (extremely clean with cold colors), flat and minimal rock the web, websites in muted colors are in a great favor. This is a professional-looking theme with a blue color palette. Also, the video it is in shades of blue with white fonts, very interesting and inspiring.

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