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Most impressively, the apples, hedgerow elderflower, blueberries and cherry blossoms used in the gin come directly from the distillery's own farm in Herefordshire. Tanqueray uses nothing but the original juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice botanicals to make its elegantly smooth gin. Top 10 Best Mueslis in the UK 2020 (Dorset Cereals, Deliciously Ella and More). Craft distilleries all over the UK are jumping on the gin bandwagon and finding new and interesting flavour combinations to surprise and satisfy your tastebuds all year round. Bottoms up!

Whether you're interested in a sweet pudding flavour, or a tart cranberry note, we've tried out a real variety. Craft gin: This more modern type of gin uses the same distilling process as traditional gin, but is typically infused with additional (and sometimes surprising) flavours, pushing the envelope of the spirit’s more traditional characteristics. With its light flavour, this gin is a great way to ease yourself into the world of gin and even if rhubarb and ginger isn't your cup of tea, Edinburgh gin has a great lineup of other flavours too. From micro-distilleries that put all their effort into a small selection of gin, to the big distilleries that produce gin alongside a range of other spirits, there's undoubtedly more gin in the world than you'll ever be able to try.

Great for older gin cocktail recipes, including Tom Collins. If you want to know more about gin, our guide below will give you a good idea of what to look out for when buying. Shannon's Top 10 Must-Have Accessories for Curly Hair. We tried this with a plain tonic and also with a hint-of-lemon tonic, and both worked well.

Key specs – Alcohol content: 42.7%; Bottle size: 70cl; Country of origin: Spain. Drink this after a long walk in the woods crashing through leaves, and it'll warm you up nicely. As the contents starts to warm, the vapours draw out the essential oils from the botanical blend; thus, the oils infuse the vapour to give the gin its flavour. Whether you want to stock up for Christmas or just fancy treating yourself, this cracking deal on Ableforth's Bathtub Gin is worth grabbing before it disappears. Great with ginger beer, if you fancy a change from tonic. Because of its unusual flavour, we think it would work best in a cocktail, but we did enjoy it with a classic tonic too.

Sweeter than your standard London dry gin thanks to the addition of sugar during the distilling process, it's slightly more palatable to gin beginners who aren't quite used to the juniper aroma and those who have a sweeter tooth. This is it.

Top 10 Best Hot Chocolate Powders to Buy Online in the UK 2020. I also love the brand as I've been on holiday close to where the gin is distilled and that makes me happy. This is like a sliver of silk gliding down your throat, coating your whole insides with lashings of warmth. If you're a gin purist, you may not consider this a London dry gin anymore, but rather a new breed of gin to be judged solely on the unique flavour profiles of each company. Hailing from the Black Forest, it unusually features cranberry among its 47 botanicals, all prepared in exceptionally soft spring water. Garnish with cinnamon sticks and cloves, if you wish. The vapours reach the alcohol as they pass through a still with an attachment called a gin head. Serve with tonic or ginger bear, and garnish with a slice of apple. Choose up to 12 characters for the name and the manufacturers will hand etch it on the glass, as well as offer various gift wrapping options. Plus the bottle is gorge. Roku is a Japanese take on the traditional gin, using quintessentially Japanese ingredients like sakura flower, sencha tea, sansho pepper and yuzu peel that represents all four seasons. 50ml Apple & Cinnamon Gin LSA is your go-to glassmaker for good gin glasses, so if you’re not keen on this exact product, check out their other offerings: there’s a smaller (and cheaper) version of these and variants with gold or copper stems, as well as various shaped tumblers. Flavoured with South American ingredients such as Juniper and Inca berries, and infused with a handful of citrus and spice botanicals, Caleño is a non-alcoholic alternative for gin drinkers that are hoping to curb consumption without compromising flavour. The name means “sea”, and with arbequina olives, basil, rosemary and thyme added to the usual botanicals, it’s more savoury and herbal than most – yet still beautifully delicate, smooth and aromatic.

From front runners such as Gordon's to the smaller craft distillery brands like Ableforth and Monkey 47, we're sure you'll find something that piques your fancy.

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