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[84] On 9 March the results were announced: 63 percent of their members announced were in favor of a government having a Flemish majority. Oliver Paasch remained Minister-President. No breakthrough was made as there were still some discussion points for which no agreement was found, including social security, abortion, taxation and phasing out of the nuclear power plants. On 30 September 2020, almost 500 days after the 2019 elections, seven political parties reached an agreement on the formation of a new Belgian government (the so-called Vivaldi government). Proposed by initiative takers Magnette and Rousseau during the Coronacrisis. Moreover, sp.a would need to drop its political family member PS, and MR and cdH would only represent 19 of 61 Francophone seats, all making this coalition difficult. [6] Reason was the early fall of the Michel I Government over to the Global Compact for Migration. As a result, CD&V remained pushing for a government including N-VA.[85], That same day, assignment holders Laruelle and Dewael reported back to King Philippe. They intended to confer with the six parties in the Arizona-coalition to discuss their starting note, and if it led to something, possibly involve the PS as well in the government formation discussions. On 10 February Geens reported to the King, after which his assignment was extended with a week. [66] In the following week, N-VA, PS and sp.a had negotiations with each other, both with and without the two informers. First of all, mobility is high on the agenda, and is part of both the Green Deal and the tax reform. [109], On 17 June Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès met with Georges-Louis Bouchez (MR), Egbert Lachaert (Open Vld), and Joachim Coens (CD&V), presidents of the three government parties, to discuss the proposition by Conner Rousseau and Paul Magnette. Tax implications of the new investment plan. CD&V), which are combined on the Swedish flag, hence the name) was impossible even if it was expanded with cdH, the Francophone counterpart of the CD&V, which had not joined the government in 2014. cdH and the socialist opposition parties PS and sp.a were also on the losing side: cdH and sp.a lost four seats each whereas PS lost three. Following the political agreement of 15 March, she received the assignment to form a government composed of Open Vld, CD&V and MR. That same day she invited the ten parties to make concrete agreements concerning the powers of attorney. Within Open Vld there was a lot of internal division on such a coalition and on 7 December new MR-president Georges-Louis Bouchez stated that a government containing the six purple-green parties would have a too narrow majority to be able to operate in a stable manner. [92], On 15 March, in the afternoon, again negotiations were held between MR, CD&V, Open Vld, N-VA, PS and sp.a. Rights group say the government was targeting LGBTQ people to divert attention from "shortcomings" of the government's handling of the pandemic. [96] In her opening government statement, she asked the parliament to grant powers of attorney for six months, solely to combat the Coronacrisis. [32] On 7 October 2019 the mandate of Vande Lanotte and Reynders ended. At the federal level, the deadlock was never resolved, but nevertheless, a new government was formed in March 2020. The coming together of both parties was explained by the fact that Jan Jambon (N-VA) and Elio Di Rupo (PS), respectively Minister-President of Flanders and Minister-President of Wallonia, were sitting together frequently to discuss possible measures to fight the Coronavirus. This coalition, named Arizonacoalition in the media (referring to the flag of the U.S. state of Arizona), would have a narrow majority of 76 of 150 seats in the Chamber of Representatives, but would be a minority in the parliamentary commissions, which would be preparing the legislative tasks. To make clear what these demands were exactly, Rousseau handed a note to the trio, in which he demanded (amongst other) strong investments in health care and a fair contribution by wealthy individuals and large multinationals. [36] On 19 October 2019, Paul Magnette was elected to PS-president, succeeding Elio Di Rupo. Large Francophone majority but Flemish minority. De Wever roept op tot noodregering: “Er moet onmiddellijk iets gebeuren op federaal niveau”, De Wever wil zelf premier worden van noodregering, maar PS slaat al deur dicht, Topoverleg noodregering gaat vandaag verder, PS en MR trekken stekker uit noodregering: “Tijdverlies, onze enige prioriteit is coronacrisis”, Minderheidsregering-Wilmès krijgt voor enkele maanden steun (en volmachten) van oppositie om coronacrisis aan te pakken, Regering-Wilmès maakt doorstart als minderheidsregering en krijgt van oppositiepartijen tijdelijke volmachten om coronacrisis aan te pakken, Sophie Wilmès moet nu nieuwe regering vormen en wil het met minder ministers doen, Premier Sophie Wilmès (MR) vraagt morgen het vertrouwen in de Kamer, Superkern eerste keer samen: onwennige show die weinig kan opleveren, Superkern bereikt akkoord over nieuw pakket relancemaatregelen: belastingsverminderingen en ‘corona-werkloosheid’, De Senaat heeft beslist het ontwerp van volmachtenwet niet te amenderen, Kamer geeft goedkeuring: regering-Wilmès II krijgt volmachten tot eind juni, Federale regering zal geen verlenging volmachten vragen, Egbert Lachaert met 61 procent overtuigend verkozen tot nieuwe voorzitter Open Vld, Tommelein strandt op 30 procent, Sp.a-voorzitter Conner Rousseau ziet vooruitgang in ‘snuffelronde’ regeringsvorming: “Er zijn openingen”, "Snuffelronde" Rousseau en Magnette voorbij: "Er zou formateur kunnen worden benoemd voor regering voor einde zomer", "Snuffelronde" van SP.A en PS afgelopen: ze willen premier Wilmès nu aan zet in regeringsvorming, maar zij wijst af, Socialisten willen regering met liberalen en christendemocraten, al heeft die geen meerderheid: "Anders verkiezingen". His CDxV colleague Joachim Coens was very displeased about this, stating a breach of trust. [65], On 20 January Coens and Bouchez presented another intermediate report to the King, after they had held a discrete meeting with N-VA and PS the day before. This supercore consisted of the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Ministers and the presidents of the ten political parties supporting the powers of attorney and would meet starting from 21 March 2020 [98] on every Saturday, with exception of the last supercore meeting on 12 June 2020,[99] which occureded on a Friday. Magnette and Rousseau composed a report of their activities, with the goal of now naming a formateur, who would be tasked with forming a government by September.[107]. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The new government was given special powers to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. Ultimately, the European Parliament managed to squeeze an extra €16bn in total - which will be financed with competition fines the EU Commission hands out over the next seven years, plus reallocations within the budget. The Wilmès I Government would ask the Chamber of Representatives for a vote of confidence, which would turn this government into a new temporary minority Wilmès II Government, with support from the opposition. [139] Just as his predecessors, Lachaert was asked to look for a broad majority coalition in parliament and announced he would be carrying out his task with discretion. cdH would be part but had announced to be in the opposition. One of both parties would in that case join the government instead of CD&V, with the other voting to abstain during the vote of confidence in parliament. Eventually, the case was defined by demanding advice from the Council of State, avoiding a vote. [131] The green parties as well were of the opinion that serious changes needed to happen for the starting note to be acceptable for them. Two days prior to that, the Flemish Christian democrats, who had for a long time been insisting for a government with a majority on the Flemish side — only possible when N-VA is part of it — had decided at a party meeting that they were open to discuss such a coalition, on condition some demands of their party were taken into account. As of May 2020, negotiations restarted to form a new complete majority government, The Homans Government was an interim government with the same composition as the Bourgeois government, after. Paars-groen of paars-geel: welke bonte kleurencombinaties kan de federale regering krijgen? On 10 September the presidents of the negotiating parties agreed that Sophie Wilmès would be allowed to only need to ask for confidence on 1 October,[149] and the following day the assignment of the preformationists was extended via a telephone audience until 21 September. Belgian Minister of Cooperation Development and Finance, Alexander De Croo speaks during a media conference at the Egmont Palace in Brussels, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020. [154] As foreseen, the preformationists reported back to King Philippe with their final report, as their claimed to have restored confidence. This did not lead to much; both N-VA as sp.a had several remarks and were of the opinion the note of the three negotiators did not meet their needs sufficiently. [121] The three negotiators reacted cautiously optimistic to Magnette's statement, but declared they would not restart the negotiations from scratch. [30] The next day, they reported back to King Philippe. The VAT Gap is the difference between the expected VAT revenues and the VAT revenues that are effectively collected. [127] On 30 July MR and Open Vld delivered a note to the preformationists with remarks concerning the starting note and a set of content demands from their own. He also informed that he would create a content-driven document in which he would use statistics to give an objective view on the state of the country and in which he would formulate the goals of the next government, as the manner in how those goals would need to be achieved. During the weekend of 7 and 8 March the assignment holders were planning to bring all parties around the table to discuss a so-called framework note, describing topics as budget, socio-economic reforms, ethical topics and an agenda for a state reform. From 13 May they met with all other party president colleagues, with the exception of those of PVDA-PTB and Vlaams Belang. All parties separated ways without an agreement, however. Reynders and Vande Lanotte were to report by 6 June 2019 for the first time and announced media silence until that date. Afterward it became known that these three now took the lead of the formation discussions, starting from the government parties, as Egbert Lachaert had proposed earlier. This emergency government would consist of the parties of the outgoing Wilmès I Government (MR, CD&V, Open Vld), completed with the socialist and green parties, corresponding to the so-called Vivaldi-coalition. This difference is not only caused by revenue losses due to tax fraud or tax evasion, but is also a result of bankruptcies, administrative mistakes or malfunctioning tax collection, to name just a few. Has neither a Federal nor a Flemish majority. Nevertheless, CD&V held an internal meeting and decided to pause the government formation. “We hebben altijd gezegd dat we niet met N-VA een regering kunnen vormen”. The so-called Vivaldi coalition (named after the composer's 'Four Seasons' masterpiece) will contain the socialists, liberals and greens from both sides of the language border, and the Flemish christian democrats.

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