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Add the five-spice and star anise (if using) to the pan, tip in the gingery mix, then fry for 1 min until the spices are fragrant. The meat should be very soft, and any sinewy bits should have melted away. I allus has wan at eleven. Use the same amount of rock sugar, ginger and other spices. I just made this using 2 beef shins, which I guess is what people call shanks in Australia. It's very similar to Teochew Ark (Duck)/ Chiu Chau Ngap. Nestle the cooked bok choi into the pan, then bring to the table with the basmati rice straight away and tuck in. To check tenderness stab a knife through the shin. Or you could serve this as an excellent tea time snack. A miserable, wet, rainy day down here in southwest England: a perfect day to try beef shank braised with five spice! Inspired, as usual, by your tutorials, I'm defrosting it to make for dinner. Thanks, Ah Leung Gaw...must try this soon. The braising liquid was really good. We do something similar, Korean style: changjorim, or soy braised shin of beef with chilies. Is there another cut that could be used as a substitute for beef shank? These are stuffed with spicy pork and pickled greens, but I've also served them with a seafood stuffing. These are the ones I use. Pour in the soy and stock (it won’t cover the meat completely), bring to a simmer, then tightly cover, transfer to the oven and cook for 1½-2 hrs, stirring the meat halfway through. Maybe there is some magic here I'm missing? Fell apart to bits and was dry. In addition, you may add leek, garlic, chili or other ingredients. Tonight my dinner was Steamed Spareribs with Plum Sauce. There's no other cut quite like it! Hello Dear Readers! Wait until the braising liquid comes to a boil again with the beef shank. If I use a lean cut, as with chunks of "stewing beef", I find the meat just falls apart and dry to the taste. Note: You may save the braising liquid - filter and discard all the fat, spices and residue. This will result in stronger anise flavor overall which complements the beef well. Fusion Dish. I would have also used 2 tsp of cloves but I ran out of them. I knew that one was coming....either from you or Ah Leung Gaw. Get the Cooks Professional Espresso Maker for just £39.99, Choose the type of message you'd like to post, Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. It is a pre-mixed soy sauce based liquid with five spices added. Thanks Marc. ~ellen, Usually this Chinese Spiced Beef is presented as one dish out of many at a Chinese family style meal. The particular cut of beef used for this recipe is the cut known as the Golden Coin Muscle 牛腱 and sometimes as Heel Muscle. I remember once being talked out of buying shin at a fancy butcher's, got some round or chuck instead. What we do is slow braise the meat (usually in one piece or else in big chunks) in soy sauce, water, with slices of garlic and ginger, and heaps of fresh red chillies. The meat inside striated: thin strips of tendons alternating with the meat. Anyway I used some leftover master stock and just replenished the soy and spices as Ah Leung suggested. The Golden Coin Muscle is often found in the frozen section of grocery markets. Tip onto a plate. If I use shortribs, with bits of fat and gristle, it is moist and flavourful. Not the same at all. I think using a "nice piece of tenderloin" would be a waste...The whole idea is the nice gelatinous tendons in with the meat. It's a very nice Nyonya touch. The chilli jelly is the best part! It is cooked at a brisk simmer that leaves the beef dry and cooked to death. Just replenish with a small amount of Chinese Marinade, dark soy sauce, and water. Some bread spread with mayo, piled up with yummy beef slices dripping with sauce, and topped with some. Instead, what you should be looking for is something very lean with little to no marbling and lots of connective tissue. They are always cut into thick "slices". I cook until the meat is falling apart, allow to cool and de-fat, then shred the meat and chillies into the braising liquid and allow it to set in the fridge. For presentation: lay the beef shank slices on the serving plate in a circular fashion. As you can see, they are usually stuffed with whatever the cook decides. Use a pot big enough to hold the beef shank, add 1/2 cup of Chinese Marinade, 1/2 cup of dark soy sauce, 2 cups of water, add all the spices listed above, add 3 tsp of Shao Hsing cooking wine, 2 pieces of medium-size rock sugar, and ginger slices (about 1 inch in length). Boil the braising solution for 5 to 10 minutes. Add the beef shank to the pot. So, if it's good enough for our banquet chef, then it's ok by me! Braised spicy shank beef. ...Is there another cut that could be used as a substitute for beef shank? Note that as you use the "master sauce" to cook meat, some flavor of the meat got extracted into the liquid. Must be whole. A question for you, is Lo Shui/滷水 the same as "Master Sauce" or are they different ? I used the ready-made "Chinese Marinade" Lo Shui [Cantonese] 滷水 by Lee Kum Kee. It is a slow cooked soy and spices flavored shin of beef that becomes deliciously tender and fragrant with beautiful stripes of translucent melty tendons patterning the sliced beef. Wowotou buns ( 窝窝头 wō wō tóu), also known more simply as wō tóu are originally from northern China. Store the braising liquid in a plastic container in the freezer. If you don't have Chinese Marinade, simply substitute its portion with dark soy sauce. Lu Rou Fan (Taiwanses Pork Rice Bowl) Pork. It is boneless as well so that after cooking and cooling it can be sliced into elegant thin round slices. What else did you eat with this dish, hrzt? I just couldn't justify keeping something like this in my cupboard. And while I am in the iconoclastic mood, I will say that beef shank or shin is best, but any cut of meat that has tendons, gristle and long muscle fibres would short ribs. ginger, water, tomato, beef shank, rock sugar, chili sauce, napa cabbage and 9 more. Serving suggestion: 5 to 6 (as appertizer). Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, as you've probably noticed. What else did you eat with this dish,  hrzt? Perhaps this is the "Cantonese are not too fond of chili" thing. Good Food Deal Just replenish with a small amount of Chinese Marinade, dark soy sauce, and water. This is how the beef shank looked before slicing. Maybe you can try with a different cut too. And, of course, the Ginseng Chicken Soup! They are the easiest! Read to serve. Okie dok...found a nice chunk of tenderloin in the freezer. As a result, you shouldn't be looking at your traditional braising cuts although shin works well. The thing is, should you click on these links and decide to purchase anything, we will receive a tiny commission that will go towards the costs and efforts of making this foodilicious site! The basics are about the same: dark soy sauce, five spice, chan pei (dry mandarin peel), ginger, rock sugar. The thing about this dish though, is that it's not a braised dish as westerners traditionally think of it. Hope that you enjoy the spiced beef! It turned out exactly as you described...dry to the taste I added some hard-boiled eggs into it towards the end. Anyone may read the forums, but to post you must create a free account. I have a bottle of 5 spice powder at home that I got from the Asian market. My father, being the northerner he was, also put some scallion on top. Reduce the stove setting to a simmer. You may start with this braising liquid next time. You already have all the flavour ingredients in the recipe, eg: 5-spice, chan pei, ginger, etc. Let cool. Tepee, I can make a tomato rose. Heat 2 tbsp of the oil in a large, shallow casserole. They are easier to make at home than you might think. These advertising-free forums are provided free of charge through donations from Society members. You may start with this braising liquid next time. It turned out exactly as you described...dry to the taste (ho hai), but the children, who prefers lean meat, loved it. Copyright © 2011-2020 The Hong Kong Cookery. Great for casual entertaining, when you fancy a warming beef stew but with some more vibrant flavours. With tenderloin, the meat would fall apart before it could absorb lots of flavour. This can now be chilled and frozen for up to 1 month. Have you ever tried the sliced beef shank served as one of the cold-appertizers in a Chinese banquet? Toss the beef in the flour, add 1 tbsp more oil to the pan, then brown the meat in batches, adding the final tbsp oil if you need to. Sell the whole piece to you. It should take about 5 mins to brown each batch properly. The strong flavor of five spice and soy sauce is unmistakable. Copyright © 2001-2020 by the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters, All Rights Reserved Drizzle about 2 tsp of sesame oil on top. Hi Sally - you can use 2-3 tsp of 5 spice powder to substitute the spices; but if you do, I recommend to at least add star anise and fresh ginger as well per the recipe. I haven't seen "chili" mentioned in the recipes written by Hong Kongers. I added some hard-boiled eggs into it towards the end. Beef was slow cooked in Cantonese brine along with Sichuan spicy and Northern-east favour. You've used it in acouple pictorials already. Heat oven to 150C/fan 130C/gas 2. If I use shortribs, with bits of fat and gristle, it is moist and flavourful. It wasn't beef shank but a different cut. Unless of course you want to do a fancy dancy presentation of the meat as an appetizer. Delicious cold, a chilled yet fiery, meaty hot condiment to eat in small, mouth-searing bites with huge bowls of steaming white rice. Remove the beef shank and wait until it cools down to room temperature (or put it in the refrigerator for overnight storage). hzrt8w, This is how the beef shank looked after 3 hours of simmering. You put hard boiled eggs in everything!". The Society is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the culinary arts. I think using a "nice piece of tenderloin" would be a waste...The whole idea is the nice gelatinous tendons in with the meat. However, because you slice it very thinly across the grain and drizzle some sort of liquid on top, the resultant pieces are very tender and the flavour pentrates very deeply into the meat. If I use 5 spice powder instead of the individual spices. Note:  You may save the braising liquid - filter and discard all the fat, spices and residue. It turned out great, thanks to Ah Leung for the great pictorial/recipe. Is the anise seed you are referring to the same with star anise(八角) and do I need five of them or just five of the eight sections of the star???Thanks. You think it will work? Turn the beef shank about every 30 minutes. Welcome to the eG Forums, a service of the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters. *hic*. I will definitely try your version and the delicate spices I'm sure will give a great flavour (but I'll probably not be able to resist throwing in a chilli or two). Rinse under cold water to cleanse it a little bit. Five star anise 八角 (whole stars, not sections) is what the recipe calls for.

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