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But a BBC spokesperson denied this was the case. The BBC claims to publish the salaries of all senior managers earning more than £150,000. Salaries posted anonymously by BBC employees. Some BBC insiders believe senior managers are being kept in this lower pay grade (but on higher salaries) to avoid public scrutiny and to create an illusion that senior posts are being cut. It’s a really worrying time for people.”. BBC pays its employees an average of ₤35,779 a year. Former BBC Trust chairman Chris Patten once joked there were “more senior leaders at the BBC than in the Chinese communist party”. A free inside look at BBC salary trends based on 1657 salaries wages for 610 jobs at BBC. © copyright 2020 Press Gazette Ltd. Made in Taiwan. Pay grade 11 alone costs the BBC more than £75m a year. All the managers are still here. Salaries at BBC range from an average of ₤23,648 to ₤54,821 a year. FOI Enquiries, British Broadcasting Corporation 3 January 2019 Dear R Taylor, Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, as … The average “above the roof” salary for the wage bracket currently stands at £92,239 a year, the FoI response states. “It means they can show a reduction in senior managers to the National Audit Office that they aren’t actually achieving.”, They added: “You can be a pay grade 11 but being paid more than the Prime Minister – possibly quite a lot more, “They are saying they shouldn’t pay more than x amount but actually the average salary for pay grade 11 is above the roof. “We know we have got less money now, and even less coming down the road, and everything is still continuing. BBC pay: Claudia Winkleman, Zoe Ball and Vanessa Feltz among top earners. Gazette Podcast, Equality watchdog finds no unlawful pay discrimination at BBC, Mail on Sunday journalists who exposed Martin Bashir Diana fakery 24 years ago say story was ignored, BBC journalists not banned from attending LGBT Pride events, new director-general clarifies. Chris Patten once joked there were “more senior leaders at the BBC than in the Chinese communist party”, Circulation down for all of UK's 81 regional dailies, Regional ABCs: circulation falls on 83 of 86 dailies, Regional ABCs: Three out of 86 dailies put on sales, Regional ABCs: 38 weeklies increase sales year-on-year, Donald Trump's downfall and how not to run a press conference, Claim Question Time put BBC editor's son in audience as Brexit supporter debunked as hoax, Spectator reports revenue up this year as subscriptions cancel out Covid-19 advertising hit, GB News launch: Why advertisers are positive about new anchor-led news channel for UK, Archant photographers axed in favour of 'photo curators' and pics taken by public or reporters. An inside source at the BBC told Press Gazette they believed the corporation was moving senior management “out of the spotlight” – rather than cutting them, despite making outward commitments to cutbacks. In November 2015 the BBC pledged to cut senior managers and create “fewer layers between the top and bottom of the organisation” to help deliver £150m of annual savings. But Press Gazette’s BBC source said: “The cuts aren’t being made. The best paid BBC employees work in UK for an average salary of $59,000. Press It currently lists the pay of 118 senior staff on its website. A Freedom of Information request has revealed that more than half the 802 BBC staff in the top pay grade below senior management level are paid in excess of the £77,788 ‘maximum’. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Best Cities for Jobs 2020 NEW! “In recent years we’ve cut the number of senior managers and pay by a third and we’re currently making good progress in making the BBC leaner and simpler, including cutting 1,000 posts.”. It currently lists the pay of 118 senior staff on its website. “It’s to look like the cuts are happening when they aren’t. A Freedom of Information request prompted the BBC to publish the figures for pay grade 11, revealing that more than half of the 802 staff within it have a salary above the upper salary limit of £77,788 a year, known as “above the roof”. You are actually being under paid compared to your colleagues if you are within the pay limit.”. Salaries posted anonymously by BBC employees. Most BBC employees using Emolument work in Singapore for an average salary of $32,000. The source said that staff retain their higher salaries and perks in a process known as “re-badging”. The BBC said this last figure was witheld on privacy grounds. Find marijuana dispensaries, get daily deals on promotions related to legal weed and learn about cannabis strains, prices, availability, and even pot recipes! They said: “Salary bands are internal guidelines and while BBC salaries are generally lower than at commercial competitors there will always be occasions where we need people with specific skills that we have to pay for.

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