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Fortunately, improvements in emergency locator transmitter technology over the past decade have made locating distressed aircraft much easier. In the long term, however, the 210th hopes to one day use Sikorsky’s new HH-60W Jolly Green II, named for its Vietnam-era predecessor, affectionately known as the Jolly Green Giant for its distinctive paint scheme. As a result, air travel is one of the most common means of transportation in the state, with the DOT reporting six times the pilots and 16 times the aircraft per capita compared to the rest of the U.S. Referred to as Alaska’s “rescue triad,” the 176th Wing’s rescue component consists of three squadrons, each providing a necessary element for search and rescue operations. Initially receiving that phone call and ensuring rescuers know where to go are the rescue specialists at the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center.  - Commissary and AAFES resources will remain available with current mitigating efforts in place But by the time they reached the steep mountain valley where the hunter was located, winds were howling. Winds were high, and the snowstorm blowing through the area created near-whiteout conditions. With 12 deployments over his 22 years of service, including at least seven to combat zones, the former Marine scout sniper has seen the world but is happy to call Alaska his home. Cody Inman exited the plane in the early hours of the morning, steering their parachutes to a landing approximately 600 meters from the mauled hunter’s location. He recalled a specific mission a few years earlier in which the 212th’s special capabilities were required to successfully recover the remains of a drowning victim. Once at the base, the hunter was cross loaded onto an Army helicopter and brought to a trauma center in Providence, where he began his recovery. Commanders didn’t want to risk sending aircraft hundreds of miles out in the middle of a storm unless it was absolutely necessary. When the weather finally cleared, a Blackhawk from the Army’s 207th Aviation Regiment retrieved the PJs and their patient and brought them safely to Bethel, where an HC-130 delivered the patient to a hospital. “The Air Force initially wanted to medically retire me, and I didn’t want that,” he said. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. “What made that challenging, too, was there was a small weather window where it was clear enough for them to drop, however it was getting to the end of the day and the daylight was disappearing,” Roden said. Alaska National Guard Master Sgt. “The people supporting this search and rescue in Alaska … are just incredible people,” said Diola. But despite the harsh weather conditions and disappearing daylight, he recalled being calm and prepared for the task at hand. Operators at the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center received the call and quickly notified on-duty pilots and pararescuemen from the Alaska Air National Guard of the situation: one patient, critical condition. By the time Diola and Inman reached the patient, he had lost significant amounts of blood, and his wounds required urgent surgical attention. The course is a grueling test of physical and mental stamina, including continuous swimming, water confidence, running, rucking and calisthenics. In the past four years, 207th pilots have been tasked on 44 search and rescue and casualty evacuation missions across the state. “It’s a team sport — always has been, always will be, and that’s what I love about it.”. Diola attributes the rescue triad’s ability to succeed even in dire circumstances to the talent and hard work of the many people contributing to rescue missions, from supply specialists and repairmen to the pilots and PJs themselves. “This rescue effort demonstrates the continuing success of the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center’s community outreach and the synergistic relationship between the Alaska State Troopers and the Alaska Air National Guard.”. Over the next 30 minutes, the PJs provided blood transfusions and painkillers while preparing the patient to be hoisted into the arriving HH-60. To stem the loss of working Pave Hawks, the 176th has begun replacing its current squadron with operational loss replacement models purchased and rebuilt from the Army’s UH-60 fleet. Meanwhile, the storm raged. “We stayed in the house for like 15 hours,” Maddamma said. Rescue coordinators at the RCC determine search grids, run probability models, evaluate weather patterns, and communicate with the pilots and pararescuemen on the ground to ensure mission success. What makes the air assets of the Alaska Army National Guard particularly useful is their unique posturing. Mikana Halloran, one of the 207th’s primary flight paramedics. “We are never taking away work for civilian air ambulance companies. Members of the 207th provide aerial assets for a range of operations in Alaska, including counter-drug operations, casualty evacuation, and civil search and rescue. Alaska Wildland Fire Information ( The Alaska Interagency Coordination Center (AICC) is the Geographic Area Coordination Center for Alaska. “Our mission here at the RCC is to provide 24/7, 365, civil aeronautical search and rescue to inland Alaska,” Budd, the RCC’s superintendent, told Air Force Times. Alaskan SAR is carried out by Air National Guard units, the Alaska State Troopers … Evan Budd of the RCC knew that in a state with more than 57 million acres of wilderness, things are rarely as easy as they seem. For Roden, one of the most challenging parts of the training pipeline was “stress inoculation,” which he described as “packing stress and stress and stress on an individual so they grow accustomed to it.”. Edwards emphasized that the National Guard’s rescue capabilities truly exist for emergencies in which they are the only option. Maddamma had joined the Air Force right after graduating from high school in Cleveland, signing his first enlistment contract as a fireman. Civil air ambulances couldn’t make it through to the patient, so the 176th was tasked with the mission. But the coordination center doesn’t just provide information and guidance to members of the 176th Wing. To remain prepared to execute their own full mission set, the 210th and 211th Rescue Squadrons require significant maintenance support. You have entered an incorrect email address! The AK RCC, 210th RQS and 212th RQS were each awarded one save for this mission. Surgeons removed his leg in January 2015. Beyond the dangers of cold weather, remote locations and flying, Alaska’s terrain and wildlife can also prove deadly. “What’s going through my mind is jumpmaster duties — everything I’ve been trained to do: good communication with the air crew; good communication with my teammate; and getting us on the ground safely,” he said. Though no astronaut capsules have yet required rescue in the Pacific and the C-17s of the 144th haven’t operationally deployed PJs, Schauermann said it’s a mission they’ve practiced many times and are fully prepared to execute. Chester said more equipment and maintenance specialists would ease the workload, and others expressed the difficulties of being stretched thin when portions of a squadron are deployed overseas or there aren’t enough support personnel to go around. “It was a really complex mission.”. Villagers escorted the two rescuers to the home of the elderly man, experiencing what Maddamma described as “'cardiac issues.” The PJs provided care to the patient and began to stabilize his condition. As members of the Air National Guard, the 176th Wing regularly rotates personnel through overseas deployments as part of their federal mission, often placing added stress on personnel left to work the unit’s state mission of civil search and rescue.  *** Latest JBER COVID updates can be found here: ***. Alaska National Guard Master Sgt. The HH-60 crew quickly located the hiker at 5,000 feet above sea level and hoisted the PJ team 30 feet to package the distressed hiker and extract him from the mountain. Diola estimated that the 212th normally gets one or two jump missions per year. In wintertime, crews flush and refill each helicopter with thinner oil, so that gears remain lubricated even in extreme temperatures. "So, once it deteriorated past a certain point, I said ‘Alright, this is definitely a medical emergency now.”. The HC-130 powered on, flying higher and faster than the helicopter until it arrived over Mertarvik. Even on a good day, the job of providing search and rescue assets at a moment’s notice is still demanding. The men carried a shotgun for self-defense. The weather was relatively calm when an HH-60G Pave Hawk carrying two pararescueme,n, or PJs, took off from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage. “To provide 24-hour rescue coordination capability in support of US military and civil aviation search and rescue (SAR) needs in the Alaska SRR (landmass of Alaska West from 141W longitude and North of 58 latitude)” WHAT: Primary agency responsible for military and aviation SAR in Alaska HOW: -Monitor all 406 MHz Emergency Locator Beacons -Track reports of … “Alaska just makes everything challenging. But after 15 surgeries, bone infections, and nearly two years of wearing a frame on his leg, Maddamma volunteered for amputation. But Senior Master Sgt. Instead of lowering PJs to retrieve the hunter, the helicopter had to land on a river sandbar, at which point the PJs set off on foot.

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