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Acapulco's governor downplays the violence, saying they expect 9 million visitors this year. In addition to this organization, in Yucatán there is a small, very local cartel, known as the Cartel de los Epitacio, run by Hérbert Armando Bautista Epitacio, a native of Oaxaca and which he runs together with several members of his family. "We are making a living, sort of - but it is way down from what we were," said Daniel. The cartels are also fighting for control to the state’s coastal regions to the south that provides an entry point for drugs coming by boat from Central and South America. “The fishing company receives resources through transfers for $ 139 million and triangulates resources with the other members of the business group,” he said. Authorities have also said that in 2005, the Zetas began enlisting "Kaibiles," former members of a Guatemalan counterinsurgency unit, to train newly recruited foot soldiers. "There was no one.". After his arrest, Medina Rojas obtained an amparo against extradition, which still keeps him in preventive detention until the governments of the United States and Mexico justify the extraditions. "You can see it right over here, it is a hard situation now," said a nightclub worker, gesturing to an empty line. Regarding the Gulf Cartel, this organization practically no longer exists, according to Víctor Ratti Fernández, director of Viae Consultores, a company in the country’s capital specialized in designing public policies on security. The dismissed official is Guillermo César Calderón León, who took office in April 2019 and separated in January 2020. Mexican authorities discovered a charred Truck with ten burned bodies inside. and drug trafficking. 'm planning on taking a trip to Ixtapa and also travel by car about 2 hours south of Ixtapa. He was released for the offense but was immediately re -apprehended by an arrest warrant for extradition issued by the Prosecutor’s Office and detained in the El Altiplano Federal Center for Social Readaptation. Sunday Nov 08, 2020. Here he was arrested again in January 2017, for the possession of exclusive Army weapons. All Rights Reserved. Four other men were thrown to their deaths from a bridge. The experts consulted by Central 9 do consider it. These are the cartels of the Pacific (or Sinaloa), the Gulf and Los Zetas . For this crime, he was sentenced to six years in prison. He added that in addition to shark shipments, the companies sell sea cucumbers to the United States and Hong Kong . The port of Acapulco has become a bloody battleground between rival drug cartels. Among its alleged best-known members in Yucatán, Roberto Nájera Gutiérrez appears, detained in January 2013, to fulfill an arrest warrant issued by a judge in Chiapas, where he was accused of murder. Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc.All rights reserved. The owner of the shipment, it was said later, would be a businessman from Tonalá, Jalisco, who was never detained. Just this past weekend nearly 30 men were killed, including 12 taxi drivers shot in their vehicles . According to the official, the MVC companies “have recently had withdrawals for 554 million pesos .”. The investigations did not link the shipment to businessmen from the Progreso fishing industry. For this concept, in a given period, “exports amount to $ 781 million, sea cucumber exports and sea cucumber traffic for $ 674 million and remittance of resources to Hong Kong and the United States for $ 417 million, and the United States for $ 250 million. In the case of Los Zetas , he says, those who remain active in this drug trafficking organization do so through the Northwest Cartel , founded by the Treviño brothers in Nuevo León and Tamaulipas. Additional information released in Spanish by members of a community police force made up of various towns called CRAC-PF claimed that a cartel-linked gang called Los Ardillos (the squirrels) carried out the attack. La Evaluación Nacional de Riesgos detectó como amenazas externas al sistema la delincuencia organizada, el monto de recursos ilícitos generados y la corrupción política. Along with these organizations in the State coexist other much smaller local ones, such as the so-called Los Epitacio Cartel, specialized in the sale of marijuana and linked to what remains of the Oaxaca Cartel, explains Razur Antonio. Stream CBSN live or on demand for FREE on your TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone. Razur Antonio, for his part, affirms that in the National Risk Assessment and National Strategy to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, the Financial Intelligence Unit denounces the corruption of customs in the country and Nieto Castillo himself, in At a previous press conference, he said that irregularities had been detected in three of them, including that of Progreso, and announced that the person in charge had already been removed and reported for money laundering, although he did not mention his name. The bodies belong to a group of local musicians — members of an indigenous community of Nahua people. “The fishing company, finally, has cash operations for $ 75 million and withdrawals for $ 554.1 million .”. The drug cartels haven't directly targeted foreign tourists, but the hotels are just 10 minutes away from here. When I was a kid growing up in Laredo,Texas, in the 1950s and 1960s, tourists from all over the country would come to Laredo to get a taste of “old Mexico.” Laredo is situated right on the border. ” El Chelelo ” had taken refuge in Mérida to evade an extradition request from the United States government, for crimes against health committed in that country. "I was walking down the beach this morning and every hotel here is empty on the beach side," said American tourist Garth Mark. On September 21, the FIU presented its report on the country’s criminal activity, called the National Risk Assessment and National Strategy to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. This is the first time in a long time that a criminal complaint has been filed against a high-level customs officer in Yucatán. Now tourists see truckloads of police everywhere. They estimate their business is off by 60 percent, reports CBS News correspondent Terry McCarthy. At the March conference, the head of the FIU drew attention to the highly suspicious movements in the bank accounts of the group of companies related to those shipments. The decapitated bodies were found on the sidewalk. This person, says Razur Antonio, supervised drug dealing operations in Cozumel and Cancun, but lived in Mérida, from where he coordinated their operations. They “don’t stand a chance.” ... Acapulco Gold isn’t the hedge against inflation it used to be, so the latest craze is tapping the gasoline pipeline passing through the central Mexico state of Guanajuato. But looking around - the town is eerily empty. Calderón León obtained a provisional suspension last month that prevents the Prosecutor’s Office from apprehending him, while it is decided whether to grant him the definitive suspension. Indeed, since the first days of this month, the new administrator of the Progreso Customs is Rear Admiral Armando Caballero Vázquez and the general direction of the Integral Port Administration is in charge of Vice Admiral Jorge Carlos Tobilla Rodríguez.

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